Course Description

Welcome to Basics in IndoorViewer! 


This course will get you started with NavVis IndoorViewer. Besides looking at the essential features, you will learn how to set up points of interest (POIs) and to organize your user management so that you can offer the right content to the right user groups. Find out more below! 


This course is aimed at: 

  • NavVis mapping partners 
  • Everyone who uses NavVis IndoorViewer to visualize indoor spaces 

Overview of the course: 

  • The Introduction explains what IndoorViewer is and how to use it 
  • Main Features of IndoorViewer takes you on a step-by-step tour of the IndoorViewer interface 
  • The sections on creating, editing and categorizing POIs look at the basics of POIs, and guide you through setting up categories and groups for your POIs 
  • User Management explains how user rights work in IndoorViewer and shows you how to assign permissions so that different user groups see different content  
  • Finally, our Quiz is your opportunity to test your skills and learn some more tips and tricks 


Completing the course will take you about 45 minutes. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Basics in NavVis IndoorViewer

    • Introduction

    • Main Features of NavVis IndoorViewer

    • Creating and Editing Points of Interest (POI)

    • POIs: Categorizing Your Content

    • User Management

    • Test Your Skills!

    • Let us know what you thought of the course!